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TF3D 2/2.5 and S2U2 Snoopy Themes

License: Free
Price: Free

has created themes of everyone’s favorite cartoon character from years ago, Snoopy. The two themes are for TF3D 2/2.5 (in beta) and S2U2. Both themes are for VGA/WVGA. Hit the jump to get the downloads.


1. Incompatible theme can make M3D unloadable. For safe, please do a device backup before installation, and mentally prepared hard reset & restore in worst case.
2. This theme was tested on M3D v2.0 on Topaz stock rom only. Try at your own risk for other M3D version.

Installation for TF3D theme:

1. Stop M3D
2a. For WVGA devices, simply install the .cab found in developer’s thread
2b. For VGA devices, install the .cab and then extract the content of “Snoopy@M3D vga” into your device \Windows\
3. Restart M3D
4. To set wallpaper on Home tab, use M3D’s built-in Settings > Wallpaper feature and choose the appropriate .png available in “Snoopy@M3D”

Tested on the following device(s):

1. Topaz, wvga, stock rom m3d v2.0 (by pp18)
2. Blackstone, wvga, L26 Ultimate 2.5 ROM (by chr5s11)
3. Xperia X1, wvga, Touch-IT 10.4 ROM (by sjaak00000)
4. Touch Pro Sprint, vga, TF3D and TF3D2 (xbox version) (by Snager)

Installation for S2U2 theme:

1. decompress “Snoopy@S2U2 (*).zip” to get “Snoopy (*).s2u2″
2. place “Snoopy (*).s2u2″ in device \Program Files\S2U2\
3. use the Load Theme feature of S2U2 v2.x to install the theme.
4. an alternative wallpaper (fully-charged, but still sleepy, beagle) is included in the theme file, which can be selected via the Wallpaper selection feature of S2U2 v2.x
5. to remove the text “slide to unlock” on the slide bar (so that it won’t overlap the sleepy beagle), simply edit “\Program Files\S2U2\lang.ini” to set s_S2UText to a blank space

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