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Epdetect is an accelerometer based mobile phone application that uses advanced signal processing to detect epileptic seizures. It runs on most mobile phones that support SMS messaging, movement detection and GPS position location.

The addition of the seizure detection signal processing enables the phone to function as a wearable seizure detection system, with remote signalling to carers. Epdetect monitors the wearers movements, distinguishing between normal movement and movement associated with a Tonic–clonic seizure. If a seizure is detected, Epdetect will contact your carer with your status and GPS position.

User Manual

  • Status Message – A “Seizure Detected – press the clear button for 5 seconds to cancel” message will be displayed.
  • Audible Alarm – An audible alarm will sound immediately upon detection of a seizure.
  • Count Down Timer – A countdown from 30 seconds will be displayed to enable the user to press the cancel button prior to sending the outgoing SMS alert. The countdown timer is adjustable from 1- 60 seconds.
  • Clear Button – A large ‘clear’ button graphic is displayed to allow the user to clear the detector active status, which also cancels any outgoing SMS alert. The ‘clear’ button must be pressed for 5 seconds within 30 seconds to prevent the outgoing SMS message.
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